Printing a Panoramic Year Photo using Excel
download a pre-formatted spreadsheet from this list :

1953    1958    1961    1963    1965    1967    1970    1972   

open the file in Excel, Open Office, Excel Viewer or online

go to 'File' menu, click on 'Preview', click on 'Print'

choose either a single page or all pages and click OK

More Options
if you only need to print a small area - resize the print pages
go to 'File' menu, click on 'Print Preview'
click on 'Setup', click on 'Page' tab, click on 'Adjust to:'
the scaling box will read somewhere between 70% and 80%
try different percentages to get the result you need
when it looks right in the Preview pane, make a note of the 'Preview: page no.' in the bottom status bar, click 'Print'
be sure to set 'Print Range' to just that one page, click OK