many thanks to contributors who took time to scan
the images shown here and thanks to all who help
match up names with faces on the photos

JOE DENNIS    (1946)
for the 1946 sports photos

ALAN VINTEN    (1947)
for the 1942 memories

PETER HILL    (1951)
for the 1949 stage production photos

for the 1951 class 5G and 1953 Prefects photos

Old Greenfordians Luncheons - 2014 Organizer
and for the 1953 Syncops Dance Band photo

PETER DELROY    (1953)
for the 1953 year photo

DAVE KING    (1954)
for the 1950's class photos and classmates photos

DAVID SQUIRE    (1955)
for the football team photos from 1952 and 1955

for the 1952 Sports Program and for the combined Speech Day / Prize List Programmes from the 1950's

STUART AGER    (1961)
for the 1954 classmates, 1957 & 1960 sports photos

JOHN BYRNE    (1961)
for creating the original GCGS web site

for the series of 1960's photos of the hockey teams
the staff matches, football & basketball team photos the Prefects photo sets and the school trip to Rome
also for stage productions, classmates and more

SUE SMITH    (1961)
for the 1958 year photo

for the 1987 & 2003 reunion memories, 1957 - 1962
memories, 2008 Demolition, 1958 Sports Day, 1957 classmates, improved scan of 1959 2S and the series
of PROSPICE magazines from 1955 to 1962

DAVID MERCER    (1962)
for the original 1959 class 2S photo and for the 1947, 1961 and 1962 classmates photos and for additions
to the 1989 Anniversary Book and the improved scan
of the 1961 year photo is also appreciated

BOB FULLER    (1963)
for the 1961 2nd XI football team photo

PETE LAMBERT    (1963)
for memories of influential drummer Micky Waller

for the 1961 classmates photos

for the 1958 Form 2L photo
and the 1962 Westminster school trip photo

for the 1964 Upper Sixth photo

loaned the original 1963 photo to Chris Thomas

the 1960's stage productions photos & programmes
Christmas & Speech Day programmes Prospice 27

CHRIS THOMAS    (1965)
for the 1961, 1963, 1965 year photos and for the
spreadsheet which sparked the idea for a web page
so . . . particular thanks to Chris

GRAHAM ADAMS    (1966)
for the 1963 to 1967 Speech Day Programmes, the 1960's Prospice magazines and School Play photos

loaned the original 1965 photo to Chris Thomas

for the 1966 classmates photos

for the 1967 year photo

ALAN OVENDEN    (1968)
for the 1968 year Whitsun Service Programme

DAVID MASON    (1969)
for the 1967 and 1969 sports team photos

for the 1960's football and basketball team photos
for the 1970 Prefects photos and special thanks for donating the 50th Anniversary Commemorative Book

BILL CORY    (1972)
for the 1972 year photo

LYN JONES    (1972)
for the 1967 classmates 1st day photo

for the 1970 Hadrians Wall school trip photos
for the 1970's prize distribution programs
for the 1972 stage rehearsal photos and
for the 1973 Upper Sixth photo

KEITH BELL   (1974)
for the 1974 football team photo

for the 1972 Hadrians Wall school trip photo

for the 1974 stage production photos
and the 1974/5 Sixth year photos

for the 1974 2nd year class photos

and thanks for the names sent in by :

Stuart Ager  
Basit Ahmad  
Keith Allchin  
Barbara Allen  
Maurice Allen  
Mike Armitage  
Paul Ashwood  
Richard Ashworth  
Anthony Bach  
Jacqui Baker  
Sherie Barnett  
Brian Bond  
Pat Brennan  
Lynda Brock  
Brian Buckingham  
Chris Bullivant  
Mick Bunka  
Pat Butterworth  
Graham Carpenter  
Jos Chambers  
Liz Chattington  
Dave Clemenson  
Christine Coker  
Philip Cole  
Graham Corio  
Charlie Cory  
Derek Cregeen  
Des Crow  
Susan Crowson  
Gerald Darlison  
Jack Dart  
Patrick Davies  
Michael Dean  
Peter Delroy  
Dave Dennis  
Joe Dennis  
Annette Derham  
Richard Dixon  
Jennifer Dowding  
Colin Dowson  
Robin Duffin  
Geoffrey Dunkin  
Mike Dymond  
Wendy Ellis  
Mike Estall  
Peter Exley  
June Fairweather  
Audrey Farrell  
Kyra Ferrier  
Lynn Fitzwater  
Robert Ford  
Bob Fuller  
Susan Garner  
Peter Gilbert  
Andy Glenister  
Malcolm Godfrey  
Geoff Goodman  
Derek Graham  
Ian Grant  
Laurie Greene  
Elaine Grill  
Paula Grounsell  
Denise Guerin  
Dilys Halden  
David Hancox  
Maurice Hann  
Mark Harfield  
Fred Harman  
Marilyn Harper-Gibbens  
Dave Haunton  
Diane Hepton  
Gary Herbert  
Jacqueline Hewett  
Alex Hidveghy  
Mike Hill  
Sandra Hill  
Patricia Hitchings  
Hazel Hoath  
Steve Holt  
Graham Hope  
Carol Horne  
Victor Howlett  
Sheila Hudson  
Sadie Hunt  
Erle Jackson  
Pamela Johnson  
Lyn Jones  
Pat Keen  
Dave King  
Linda King  
David Kingsman  
Gillian Lark  
Allen Leddy  
Jim Ledgerwood  
Edward Leeson  
Alan Lewis  
Brian Little  
Carol Little  
Peggy Lowman  
Terry Maddern  
Terry Magee  
Joan Marchant  
Geoff Marshall  
Sue Martin  
Chris Mason  
David Mason  
Laurence Menear  
David Mercer  
Roger Millard  
Paul Moxon  
Eileen Murphy  
Brenda Neuhofer  
Dave Nolder  
Sue Nolder  
Jacqueline Nuttall  
Doreen O'Looney  
Alan Ovenden  
Ann Oxley  
Richard Parry-Jones  
Bruce Paton  
Philip Payne  
Clive Pengelly  
Alan Percivall  
Barry Perrott  
Kate Poole  
Paul Prebble  
Margaret Rawlins  
Christopher Reeman  
Tony Roberts  
Liz Robinson  
Phil Robinson  
Brian Rockell  
Christine Rogers  
Keith Rookledge  
Pamela Savill  
Julie Sewell  
Lynn Shearwood  
Pat Shepherd  
Sue Smith  
David Squire  
Elaine Stroud  
Tony Summers  
Sarah Talbot  
Steve Taylor  
Kevin Tegg  
Chris Thomas  
Debbie Thome  
Alan Tozer  
David Tozer  
Katie Tozer  
Paul Tozer  
David Tully  
John Tully  
Pat Turner  
Alan Vinten  
David Wallace  
Tim Wardlaw  
Jeremy Weatherly  
Sue Webb  
Martin Whitbread  
Gary Wilkinson  
Stephen Willcox  
Keren Winterburn  
Elaine Woolfries  

and regards to former GCGS staff :
Bronte Glenn - French & English  
Charles Moss - German & Careers  
Dorothy Seal (McKillop) - Maths  
Richard White - Music